Jamie Jupiter

The girl who is out of this world...literally!

The Cast

The Cast


Jamie Jupiter/Jamie Gibbons

    An officer for an organization of peace keeping guardians called "The Galactic Squadron", who wields cosmic energy manipulation powers.

CLICK HERE to see her transform from high school student to alien superhero! : http://youtu.be/efM7A4vVuA8

CLICK HERE to see her cosmic powers in action! : https://youtu.be/XsNQikCU1dQ

CLICK HERE to see her Season Two transformation! :  https://youtu.be/D7URgSc1RzE


 Clara Friedman                                                                                    

 A snarky girl who was the photographer for her school paper. Now she's studying to be a news reporter, and hopes to someday expose the existence of aliens to the world.              
Tyler Forster                                          
 Although highly athletic, he's a total nerd and comic book enthusiast at heart, who has artistic talent, and has slowly become Clara's boyfriend.



  A skilled sharpshooter and bounty hunter for hire, who also happens to be Jamie's ex-boyfriend.               

 The president-in-chief of the Galactic Squadron, a no-nonsense leader, and a stickler for the rules.


 The second-in-command and chief science officer of the Galactic Squadron, who serves as a voice of reason for our heroes.



  A symbiotic alien who can take over and control people's bodies.          
  An alien who uses his power of hypnotic sight to bring anyone under his control.        
 A bounty hunter for hire and skilled sharpshooter who has a long-standing rivalry with Bolt.