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Shop and Commissions

Shop and Commissions


I don’t just make comics. I also take commissions! I’ll draw pretty much anything you want me to, barring just a few exceptions, which you can read below.Jamie Jupiter trade paperbacks are ON SALE! Simply click the image to purchase the books on IndyPlanet!  Now you can have the episodes in your hands, along with bonus pages you'll ONLY find in the print edition!  (These books come from KaBlam's print-on-demand service, so be advised that it'll take a bit of time for your order to arrive. )

Most starting prices are ONE DOLLAR.  Yep, just ONE DOLLAR.  Four quarters. That’s it.  And one more dollar is added on, depending on what you want.

A sketch like this one is just $1. If you want it inked, $2.  And in full color, $3.

That’s for characters by themselves. Now, if you also want some kind of vehicle/landscape in the background, here’s the rundown:

A sketch, $2. Inked, $3.  And in full color, $5. 


I think that sounds pretty fair.  Now here are some basic rules:

-I will NOT draw anything racist

-I will NOT draw anything pornographic

-I will NOT draw anything sexist or erotic

-I will NOT draw anything sacrilegious (if your character’s a demon or vampire, or something of that sort, a pin up is fine, but anything beyond that, contact me for details, and we’ll work it out)

-Please realize that this is all being done on my own free time. I’ll try to get your requests done as soon as possible, and keep you updated on how close your piece is to being finished.

-I reserve the right to turn down any request if I feel it breaks the above rules, or if I feel it’s beyond my capability.




For all commissions as listed above, contact me via Private Message/Notes, here on Comic Fury.

You can also note me on deviantArt if you have a page there--> http://kartoon12.deviantart.com/

Or you can drop me a line on my Tumblr page-->http://kartoon12.tumblr.com/


You can also send your requests via email at:   knoll100@comcast.net


From there, we’ll work out all the specifics and pricing.  Just try to name your note or message with a title like “Commission request” or something similar so I know you mean business.

And if you wish to own the original art, paper it was drawn on and all, also contact the addresses listed above for this request.  Just know that another dollar might be added on to pay for shipping.


I’m a verified PayPal user!  -->


Thank you all, and I hope to hear from you soon!