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JJ Season2 Ep8 Page 6

12th May 2020, 9:03 PM in Jamie Jupiter Season Two
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JJ Season2 Ep8 Page 6
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Author Notes:

KarToon12 12th May 2020, 9:03 PM edit delete
Mez, you really need to get a smartphone so you can stay up to date on this stuff.

Also, I got a new video uploaded for you guys! This week, it's another "let's watch" reaction! This time around, we take a look at an unaired pilot episode to what would eventually evolve into the X-Men Animated Series from the 90s. Would "Pryde of the X-Men" have turned into an equally as good show? Let's find out. Either copy and paste the link, or click the "creator links" tab, then the "youtube" link.



JasonDeroga 13th May 2020, 1:28 AM edit delete reply
Alright then, Jamie! Take Crosshair down by any means necessary! I agree with you on Mez...get with the times, man! I have a feeling that the Watch the Skies crew is gonna get more than they asked for...
KarToon12 13th May 2020, 4:25 PM edit delete reply
Yep. Watch the Skies has a target on their back now....
Delta-v 13th May 2020, 1:41 AM edit delete reply
"A fool thinks himself to be wise..." --Shakespeare

Or in this case, "herself"

If you wish to be thought truly wise, Click on this link, and vote for JJ. ^^
KarToon12 13th May 2020, 4:26 PM edit delete reply
DarkNeon 13th May 2020, 3:08 AM edit delete reply
PFFFT HAHAHAHA XD they still don’t buy it’s real.
KarToon12 13th May 2020, 4:26 PM edit delete reply
True to life. It's amazing how easily people can or can't accept something.