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The girl who is out of this world...literally!

JJ Season2 Ep8 Page 3

6th May 2020, 2:58 PM in Jamie Jupiter Season Two
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JJ Season2 Ep8 Page 3
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KarToon12 6th May 2020, 2:58 PM edit delete
Well dang....you guys done F-ed up....


DarkNeon 6th May 2020, 4:10 PM edit delete reply
Oh CMON! You’re a ding dang superhero Jamie! Like you weren’t going to be caught on film at least ONCE in action.
KarToon12 7th May 2020, 2:54 PM edit delete reply
She acts like a superhero, maybe....but she's technically a space cop....a space cop who kinda' has to remain a SECRET! D:
Psyker01 6th May 2020, 4:59 PM edit delete reply
https://youtu.be/ANR5zsalQdc I couldnt resist
KarToon12 7th May 2020, 2:54 PM edit delete reply
Good choice. XD
JasonDeroga 6th May 2020, 10:25 PM edit delete reply
S**t just hit the fan. I like how you did the YouTube template and "video" on this page, it's like a dash of sugar (and spice, in Jamie's case)! I wonder what Hydrar will think...he would probably flip, cuz' Jamie's gonna get another infraction. Lastly, this reminds me of Spider-Man: Far From Home
KarToon12 7th May 2020, 2:55 PM edit delete reply
Thanks. All I did was take a screenshot of a YouTube page, then just inserted the JJ picture instead. XD

As for what Hydrar will say, well....let's just say our heroes are gonna' have to find a way around that. >.>

Oh yeah! I can totally see that. Let's just hope the next Spidey film gives us a conclusion to that cliffhanger they left us on.
Delta-v 7th May 2020, 1:34 AM edit delete reply
Time to have Alvar whip up a glowy fake costume, or even a puppet to throw people off the scent. :)

Gang, JJ has fallen into the shadows over at TWC. In fact, it's clear down in the 200's. O.O

Please click on this link, and vote to bring it back up into the light. :'(
KarToon12 7th May 2020, 2:56 PM edit delete reply
Well, that's ONE way to deal with it. XD

That doesn't surprise me too much, since I was on hiatus for a bit. Thanks for always providing the links. :)