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JJ Season2 Ep4 Page 32

9th Mar 2019, 12:30 AM in Jamie Jupiter Season Two
JJ Season2 Ep4 Page 32
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Author Notes:

KarToon12 9th Mar 2019, 12:30 AM
In which our heroes FINALLY break through...


JasonDeroga 9th Mar 2019, 3:44 AM
Reminds me of when Terra conjures a dusty tornado to fight off Slade in Teen Titans!
KarToon12 9th Mar 2019, 8:05 PM
Good eye---this moment WAS inspired by that! :D
Delta-v 9th Mar 2019, 5:54 AM
"Finally"? I thought they were doing very well! :)

Now would be a good time for pain killers--assuming that they would still work on him....

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KarToon12 9th Mar 2019, 8:06 PM
True, though in this moment, they finally get him to calm down. XD

Thanks! <3