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JJ Season1 Ep18 Page 11

15th May 2016, 3:48 AM in Jamie Jupiter Season One
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JJ Season1 Ep18 Page 11
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Author Notes:

KarToon12 15th May 2016, 3:48 AM edit delete
Who knew a Michael Jackson song would describe the plot of Season one so perfectly? XD


Delta-v 15th May 2016, 4:55 AM edit delete reply
I know that things are more serious than this, but Jamie's doggedly determined expression as she fights the shoes is just TOO perfect. ^^
KarToon12 16th May 2016, 1:35 AM edit delete reply
Who knew alien invasions would also bring about a new dance craze worthy of the Macarena? XD
JasonDeroga 15th May 2016, 5:57 AM edit delete reply
I'm with Delta-v! Jamie is looking pretty POed! And also, I like the musical staff in the background =)
KarToon12 16th May 2016, 1:36 AM edit delete reply
They don't call them killer heels for nothing. :P
ZeroGee 15th May 2016, 1:06 PM edit delete reply
This should be animated! :D
Delta-v 15th May 2016, 7:01 PM edit delete reply
From your mouth to KarToon12's ear! ^^
KarToon12 16th May 2016, 1:38 AM edit delete reply
I probably COULD potentially animate this...but it would take forever. D:
man in black 15th May 2016, 9:50 PM edit delete reply
man in black
Well at least some are having fun
KarToon12 16th May 2016, 1:38 AM edit delete reply
At the expense of Jamie's dignity. XD
ge2org 16th May 2016, 9:03 PM edit delete reply
I get images in my head of Jamie stomping the floor trying to stop the shoes and i can't stop laughing!
KarToon12 16th May 2016, 9:14 PM edit delete reply
The Bunny Hop would've been perfect for this. XD
arctic-ferret 16th Aug 2016, 2:32 AM edit delete reply
Oh my gosh! That song fits so perfectly and reminds me of the movie 13 going on 30 lol.