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JJ Season1 Ep10 Page 14

27th Nov 2013, 1:54 PM in Jamie Jupiter Season One
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JJ Season1 Ep10 Page 14
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Author Notes:

KarToon12 27th Nov 2013, 1:54 PM edit delete
So if it wasn't clear before, it's offical now: Tyler's an orphan.

Also, just want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! I know this is kind of a sad page to upload alongside such a cheerful wish, but I guess think of it this way: between his aunt and his friends, Tyler's got a new family to be thankful for now.

Also, I've got a new video uploaded, featuring the rest of the goodies I'll have at my table at the Steel City Con. This'll be the last update before the show. If any of you are in the Pittsburgh area, I hope to see you there! And thanks to everyone who's supported this comic! I wouldn't have gotten this far without you guys! <3



cattservant 27th Nov 2013, 2:08 PM edit delete reply
[Have a fine Thanksgiving
and don't let the turkeys
overwhelm you!]
KarToon12 29th Nov 2013, 9:02 PM edit delete reply
Thanks! Same to you! :)
Nixaju Sza 27th Nov 2013, 3:01 PM edit delete reply
You also have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING,So what if tyler is an orphan he has a Great aunt in Reenie and two Great Friends In Jamie and Clara.GREAT page KarToon12/Casey.By the way Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
KarToon12 29th Nov 2013, 9:04 PM edit delete reply
Same to you! ^^

Exactly! He lost one family, but gained a new one. :)

Thanks. XD
mjkj 27th Nov 2013, 4:13 PM edit delete reply

Poor Tyler. Well, let us hope the mood will lighten soon. It is holidays after all - and the turkey is waiting...
KarToon12 29th Nov 2013, 9:05 PM edit delete reply
Don't worry; I always try to have a happy/hopeful ending.
AAABatteries 27th Nov 2013, 4:29 PM edit delete reply
Aww, Tyler ;;

Also, I was planning on going to Steel City Con, but it looks like I won't be able to make it. Hope you have fun there!
KarToon12 29th Nov 2013, 9:05 PM edit delete reply
Tyler needs a hug.

Aww, I wish you could make it. But thanks! ^^
CelticGirl7 27th Nov 2013, 4:32 PM edit delete reply
No need to worry Ty, you have a new family now! Including Clara, Jamie, and the rest of us readers! GROUP HUG! :D

Anyway, hope you have a great Thanksgiving as well! :D
KarToon12 29th Nov 2013, 9:06 PM edit delete reply
Tyler wants to reach out and hug each and every one of you. <3
man in black 28th Nov 2013, 2:06 AM edit delete reply
man in black
great page
KarToon12 29th Nov 2013, 9:06 PM edit delete reply
Thanks. :)
DarkNeon 28th Nov 2013, 1:32 PM edit delete reply
its always so damn hard to make your characters parentless or less a parent. hell even when you decide to give your hero a dead sister, you regret ever killing her for such POTENTIAL later on. but it's character building otherwise everyone of them will look a bit too perfect. hell i'm even considering only giving Kayla either a mother or a dad...unless i already wrote both of them in....hrm maybe i should look back again. >.>
KarToon12 29th Nov 2013, 9:13 PM edit delete reply
I know exactly what you mean. Pretty much every character in this series has some kind of family issues, whether it's adoption, dead relatives, or inattentive ones.
RG2Cents 28th Nov 2013, 6:30 PM edit delete reply
Good character development, Casey!

Have fun at the con! :-D
KarToon12 29th Nov 2013, 9:13 PM edit delete reply
I wish it were happier character development, though. ^^;

Same to you. :)
Slim Kittens 28th Nov 2013, 6:53 PM edit delete reply
Slim Kittens
Happy Thanksgiving KarToon! One of the things I'm thankful for is all my favorite web comics.
KarToon12 29th Nov 2013, 9:14 PM edit delete reply
Same to you! I'm thankful for my supportive family and friends. ^^
ge2org 30th Nov 2013, 9:21 PM edit delete reply
Poor Tyler! :( *hugs*
LooeyQ 5th Dec 2013, 1:53 AM edit delete reply
Maybe cause he didn't expect you poke around his personal business CLARA! GOSH!
Nah they're best friends, good to know this stuff!
Peter Palmiotti 17th Mar 2014, 10:20 PM edit delete reply
Peter Palmiotti
So sad.